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Calendar, date and official time

Section 26.1 of Law 11/2007 of 22 June, on citizens' access to online public services, states that “For the purpose of calculating deadlines for both individuals and Public Administrations, electronic registers will be governed by the official date and time of the Electronic Headquarters, which must be equipped with the necessary security measures to ensure its reliability and must be visible”. Additionally, section 6.2 j) of Royal Decree 1671/2009, of 6 November 2009, with which said Law is partially created, states that Electronic Headquarters must state the official date and time for the purposes set out in section 26.1 of Law 11/2007. To comply with both provisions, the official date and time of the Asturian Government’s Electronic Headquarters is provided.

The official date and time, synchronised with the time server at the Royal Naval Observatory (ROA) is:

Hora y Fecha oficial

19/06/2019  07:20:02  (CEST)

Calendar, date and official time

With regard to calculating deadlines, non-working days are considered to be those established as public holidays in the Resolution of 7 October 2010, of the General Directorate of Work, which publishes the list of statutory holidays for 2011 and in the Resolution of 20 May 2010, of the Regional Ministry of Industry and Employment, which approved the Calendar of Local Holidays for 2011 in the Principality of Asturias.


 Local Holidays in Asturias in 2012 (in Spanish)

 Labor Holidays calendar in Spain in 2012 (in Spanish)

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