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200750548-Authorisation to provide courses on Legionella

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It involves the following

Obtaining authorisation to provide training courses to staff who carry out hygiene-health maintenance work in facilities with a risk of Legionella.




These courses may be organised by universities, training centres or official services.


You need

  1. Applications for the authorisation of said course must be addressed to the Environmental Health and Consumption Agency and will be accompanied with at least the following documents:

    • Educational centre (name, owner, etc).
    • Company name.
    • Number of hours of the course, both in theory and practical classes.
    • Number of students.
    • Manager or coordinator of the course.
    • List of the teaching staff and their respective qualifications and experience, as well as the subjects they teach.
    • Number of times the courses will be carried out.
    • Planned place and dates for each course.
    • Place and equipment available to carry out practical classes.

You should know


    A training entity will be issued authorisation to provide courses in the conditions that have been applied for and the course may be held as many times as necessary, provided that the requirements set out initially for the authorisation are maintained.


    After holding the corresponding exams, the entities organising the authorised courses will issue a completion certificate for said course to each of the enrolled students who have passed the exam, which must include at least the information included in section 5 of the Order SCO/317/2003 of 7 February.


    • Non-compliance by the teaching entities with the obligations set out in the aforementioned Order.
    • Not maintaining the conditions or contents of the course that led to them obtaining the authorisation.
    • Not passing quality control.

    Once the course has been completed and the certificates have been awarded, the list of students who have participated in the course and the students who have passed the exams will be sent to the Environmental Health and Consumer Affairs Agency.

Application Period

En plazo All year

How to ask for it

Step  1:
Start the application here.

We contact you through

1.  Notification by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt


1.Facultative Appeal for Reversal or Judicial Review

Your application will be processed by

Servicio de Riesgos Ambientales y Alimentarios

Your application will be decided by

Consejería de Sanidad

Code 200750548

Other ways to apply

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