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20022680-Accreditation of prisons and other non-strictly health establishments

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Obtaining the necessary accreditation so that prisons and other non-strictly health establishments may exceptionally carry out treatments with opioids to people who are dependent on them.



  1. With regard to the users, the treatment centres or services must guarantee the people being treated the recognition of their legal rights, making the Complaints Book available to them or their relatives.
  2. Have a Registry Book of registrations and withdrawals of the people being cared for, with numbered pages ,and stamped by the Ministry of Health and Health Services.
  3. Have specifically adapted the facilities and equipment to the therapeutic programme to be carried out. It is essential that the centre has nursing services and a pharmaceutical service, or has access to specific medication or equipment to attend emergency crises that may arise from the establishment’s patients as a result of consuming substances that may create addiction, or the falsification of them, according to each case.
  4. Commitment to provide all the information regarding the centre or service’s care activity that the Accreditation, Assessment and Monitoring Committee of Treatment Centres or Services using Opioids may request.
  5. Comply with current legislation on public health, hygiene and health at work and on the maintenance of the facilities.
  6. Exceptional health reasons that make the requested accreditation advisable.
  7. Guarantee that the activities are carried out by professionals with suitable qualifications, and that the following staff, whether employed or subcontracted, are working in the centre or service: a doctor, a social assistant, a healthcare assistant or registered nurse and a Pharmacy graduate.



  1. Description of the team responsible for carrying out the treatments, including their experience in these activities.
  2. Documentation of the technical resources of the centre or service’s own or subcontracted laboratory for analytical diagnoses, monitoring and therapeutic checks on patients who are going to receive the treatments.
  3. The applicant’s identification.
  4. Ownership structure and wherever necessary, operational structure duly accredited.
  5. Measures and equipment for the safekeeping of the medication to be used in treatments in the centre and the centre’s legal or institutional manager when the latter requests to be responsible for the safekeeping and administration of the medication.
  6. Report that describes the treatment programmes that are to be applied, including criteria on the aims of them, their duration, in general terms, and the complementary activities for the treatment programmes.
  7. Planned procedures for diagnosing and treating the associated pathology that the patient may suffer from in the centre itself or through the service of the health institutions responsible for caring for the patient.
  8. Form, wherever necessary, of the therapeutic contract that sets the commitments undertaken by the centre or service and the user who wishes to be treated.
  9. Name, address, national identity document and qualification of the medical manager of the treatment programmes, accompanied by their CV.

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    The accreditation will be granted for a maximum period of two years. It may be renewed upon application.



    Unidad de Coordinación del Plan sobre Drogas (Coordination Unit for the Plan on Drugs)

    C/ Ildefonso Sánchez del Río 5, ground floor, 33001 Oviedo

    Tel: 985 66 81 53


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Código 20022680

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